3 Fads We’re (read: I’m) Glad Died Off

I can’t lie – there were a ton of fads that popped up in the past few years and I dunno where they really came from. Most are short-lived (thankfully), but others…well, others just somehow manage to resurrect themselves. Here are just a few that I’m pouring cement over the grave to keep these trends from feasting on the style of the living.

  • Tall tees – These jumped onto the scene a few years back with extra fabric, extra length, and were essentially the hood version of a lightweight Snuggie. Originally, dudes were rocking the extra baggy tees and jeans for years before these Foot Locker specials came out, but these…ughh. Dudes really looked like they raided their mom’s closet, hit up the nightgowns and were out on the streets. Maybe it’s me, but I can’t take you serious if you look you’re wrapped up in a cocoon.

  • Passing off USPA and Beverly Hills Polo as actual Ralph Lauren Polo – Now I know what you’re gonna say, “It’s just a label, why’s it a big deal?” I’ll tell you why – because I’m tired of people not living what they talk about and lying their way thru life. Not every horse and man combo is real life Polo. You throw a dude on a pony with a tree branch and claim it’s RL? #NAH, fuckouttahere. I can’t speak on what upside USPA has because I simply refuse to own something that I would never co-sign in my life. USPA has cardigans. I happen to love cardigans. But those have zero placeholder potential in my closet.  Hey, if you rock your USPA proudly, by all means – do your thing. But don’t ever in your life tryta tell me Ralph had his hand in that, because he certainly didn’t.
  • Leaving stickers on your fitteds – We’re young, we’re flashy, we get it. As a dude with a nice little collection of hats, this is almost blasphemous. We know you spent $38 on your fitted, big head. Let your hat be dope without flashing the price and measurement of your melon, son. Would you walk around with the price tag on your jeans/hoodies or leave the sale price on the windshield of your car? Nah, didn’t think so.

One thought on “3 Fads We’re (read: I’m) Glad Died Off

  1. Bruv you had me crying over this post, what a gem. Killin’ me over and over. That’s some mind bending philosophical truth… Yoda would approve!


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