NBA Trade Talks…Rondo on the Move?

With the NBA season finally slated to kick off on Christmas Day (Celtics vs. Knicks, anyone?), there’s no shortages of teams scrambling to make some moves before training camps start on December 9. But did anyone really see us moving our “point guard of the future”? Well, evil genius/former Celtic/current C’s GM Danny Ainge, is looking to enlist the help of a third team to move Rajon Rondo to the New Orleans Hornets for their PG supreme, CP3 – Chris Paul. The move may be a little delayed and creative, since Double R has 4 years and $46 million left on his contract. But, sources close to ESPN’s Chris Broussard are saying that Ainge initially offered up Rondo and forward Jeff Green to the OKC Thunder in exchange for guard Russell Westbrook and former C’s big guy Kendrick “Never Look Happy, Constantly Lurking” Perkins last season after the playoffs ended.

Not to worry, the Jay Z and Mikhael Prokhorov-owned New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets may just be making a play for a big name center themselves – Dwight Howard. The current draft of the trade shows Howard heading north to Brooklyn with Hedo Turkoglu’s foreign carcass in exchange for two future first-rounders. In a normal 82 game season, that means the Celtics would face off against Howard and Deron Williams four times a year. Wow…that could definitely shift the balance of the Atlantic Division and move either team up or down a few spots in the East. More information should be coming up in the next few days.

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