Topic of Debate [Lookalike Day]

This topic’s been a Topic of Debate for a while now. People all over the world claim that they have a lookalike; more often than not, regular ass people are comparing themselves to celebrities. Every so often you might run across someone that looks like an actress of note or an athlete, singer/rapper, or someone else of a public status. If you look like a celebrity for real, good for you. Go be a stunt double, a stand-in at autograph signings, or shit – go make a celebrity sex tape, market and sell it and gimme 10% of all revenue. Grandiose dreams, right? Lemme get back to the point: in people’s eyes, they aspire to be recognized as someone famous, get themselves a little self-esteem boost and carry on their day on a good note. Others, however, oh how they fail.

So it’s more than obvious that some of these folks got just a little bit gassed up either by themselves and that spiteful, lying mirror. But I’ll share with you my “twin”, the dude I’ve been mistaken for or recognized as at Dunks, at a library, at old jobs; a dude that dropped a couple dope R&B albums in the 90’s, not to mention doing “R U Still Down?” with 2Pac. Now, this dude (although he made good music) has fallen off and pretty much outta the public eye. He had other hits like “They Don’t Know” and “Cool Relax” and before that, “Someone to Love” with Babyface. So you lemme know: have I been compared to Jon B as a compliment or have I been lied to?

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