Why Junkies Fail

Do these look like the eyes of a junkie? If you said no, then I assume the “bleeding eyes” x “dead stare” look is something you come across in the mirror on a day to day basis. Well, this dumb-dumb went ahead and got caught bringing suboxone into MCI-Framingham on Saturday and of course jumped to the, “Nah, I forgot it in my pocket” routine. Prison guards are kinda hip to that shit, dude.

And what else did the guards find in dudes possession? Nothing big – just 45 more suboxone pills, some weed, and $1850 in cash in his car. I’m all for visiting your people that may be behind bars, but you muhfuckas really needa re-evaluate what you’re holding when you step foot into a prison as a visitor…before you end up sticking around for a while.

H/T Metrowest Daily News. Article here.

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