Worldstar = Dry Snitching

By now, I’m sure everyone’s seen the video of dude getting mopped up after a sucker punch over a pair of Foams at esteemed Dean College in Franklin. If not, here’s the video courtesy of Now it’s discovered that nine of the dudes in the video got expelled from Dean for the beating, but the illest shit (and something I kept thinking while watching) just came out – dude who got washed had his parents find the receipt proving that he bought the Foams himself. 

If you go on Worldstar Hiphop on a regular basis, you’re inundated with fuckery of all sorts – artists signed to real labels posting their videos for their newest hot track; unsigned artists tryna get a buzz going; internet models posting videos of themselves in various stages of undress; and fights. Pure, unadulterated, bloody fucking fights. But the absolute craziest shit of all is the fact that these dudes are out there scrapping, kicking, and cutting dudes with razors…with their faces in plain view. Now answer this, you dumb muhfuckas – WHY don’t you believe cops are gonna be checking WSHH to find proof and leads on unsolved assaults and attempted murders? Come on, fam. On top of that, it’s a real commentary on life – people will walk around with their cell phones just waiting for shit to pop off so they can tape it, submit to WSHH, and try to make a little fame for themselves. 

Realistically tho, WSHH is subtly helping people dry snitch on themselves if they’re doing dirt and posting the videos. All you can hear in the background of these videos are dudes (and broads) screaming “Worldstaaaaarrrr”, just ready to hit the submit link on their phone and claim a little credit for showing the world what fuckery truly consists of. I hate, hate, hate to quote Weezy, but the line, “Real Gs move in silence like lasagna” is true life. The real gangsters and dudes that are heavily involved in dirt would never in their lives agree to do anything that could land them in jail by allowing some fuckboy to tape it. As far as I’m concerned, the dudes recording the violence or crimes being committed are snitching as soon as they post that shit to WSHH.

Real shit – it’s a sad state of affairs when dudes are almost willingly allowing their faces to be shown on what’s essentially a surveillance camera, for millions and millions of viewers. THAT is where the world is wrong, and honestly, we’re just as guilty of giving these dudes any type of real attention and upping their views because of our somewhat morbid voyeuristic tendencies. At the same time, it’s in our nature to be intrigued by the shit that we either; don’t get to see all the time, are fascinated by, or often (for some) wanna just imitate as a way to assimilate to the new wave of violence pervading society.

Some of the shit on WSHH is bordering on snuff film status. Ever seen a dude get cut in the face with a razor down to the bone? You don’t hafta watch “True Stories of the ER”, you can just go on Worldstar and find it. If Worldstar didn’t exist, I don’t doubt that people would find a way to snitch on themselves, but wasting time and hours on viewing pure struggle and fuckery on Worldstar feeds our “must see” attitudes. I dunno, do what you want, but be aware – those cell phone cameras are watching.

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