Open Letter to Danny Ainge

Hey Danny. It’s me, Ant. I know we’ve had this conversation before but I really wanna talk. By attempting to send our somewhat-beloved Rajon Rondo over to the Hornets along with Jeff Green and not one, but TWO, first rounders, I’ve used my deductive reasoning to come to the conclusion you have the best weed in Boston.

Now, I’ve had a lotta faith in you over the past few years. I watched you and McHale find a way to bring KG over to the kelly green team. I also watched you dump off a pick that materialized into Jeff Green, and in turn brought in Ray Allen and Big Baby’s mopy, slobbering, unhealthy self. For those moves, I give you great thanks with the rest of Celtics nation. But Danny – what the fuck makes you believe that dumping a perennial All-Star in Rondo along with TWO first rounders and a talented young big in Jeff Green for Chris Paul would fix any of the issues we have in our front court? As of the other night, we had 6 players under contract. I have a lotta faith in the two rookies, Moore and Johnson, but what’s gonna happen by offering Rondo for pennies on the dollar?

In a blockbuster move, you re-signed Marquis Daniels, and you’re making a play to trade for Keyon Dooling? Keyon’s mother wouldn’t even give him a contract. What’s your obsession with 30 year old role players who couldn’t even get burn with the Bucks of all teams? Again, you’ve showed a ton of intelligence as a GM, you really have. But now your motives are suspect, b. I was a little surprised to hear that you offered Rondo and Green to OKC for Westbrook and Perk, but that woulda been an upgrade at the point. Westbrook’s tough – he’s Iverson quick and elusive, can get to the cup and draw fouls. Rondo should be writing his Christmas list out right now and I really hope he’s wishing for a jumper this season.

Today’s the official opening of free agency, Danny. Get your breakfast, a pot of coffee and get to work. I’m writing you this shit while I’m at work, plotting to help your squad get better and potentially risking my employment (not really). I, along with the rest of the Celtics faithful, implore you to make some moves to better the team. Let’s not stay stagnant this shortened season, please. We got old legs and fresh blood – add to the freshness, not players that are running up on 30+ years of age. Oh, and watch the amnesty wire, please. Billups and Brandon Roy could really fall into your lap and provide  some minutes, scoring, and relieve the start.

Thanks in advance,


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