Looking Like A Pony Christmas

Ladies and gentlemen, I know some of you say, “This dude’s REALLY a label whore.” Nahhh, I’m just a Polo head and have been for years upon years. Polo’s making a huge resurgence, so lemme hip you to some of the new hot Polo drops (Visuals included). Feel free to make my Christmas a little fresher.

  • Rugbys – I can’t front, I’m an addict for anything Ralph Lauren’s done. Rugby is dope. Thick fabrics, reinforced stitching, fully customizable. Basically the fire:
  • Colognes: Big Pony 4 just happens to be a personal favorite of mine. The entire Polo fragrance line is borderline unfuckwithable. Yup, unfuckwithable. Won’t see that term in Webster’s Dictionary, but if you did, there would probably be a ton of shit you’ve never seen.

  • Bubble Vests: Yes, these are super authentically fucking dope. Nice buttondown, long sleeve rugby, or chunky knit sweater with a bubble over the top? Come on, son. Polo ‘s hella versatile – dress it up or dress it down, it works wonders.

  • Jackets:  As with everything New England winter, we’re gonna get smacked with cold equivalent to the temperature of a hooker’s heart. Keep the heat in (and on you) with one of these Baseball jackets.

Find all these and more at Macy’s, the official Ralph Lauren site, and Rugby.com. Your loved ones will thank you and their wardrobe will as well.

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