Beer Can Quarterback

Another Sunday came and went, with the Pats improving to 10-3 on the year, but it wasn’t without a horrific scare against the Washington Potato Skins. The Skins have won only four games so far this year, but no bullshit – they really gave the Pats all they could handle. It was an absolute battle (somehow), with the Pats getting on the board first with Vince Wilfork throwing his enormous frame on top of the ball in the endzone after an Andre Carter sack.

Perennial Pro Bowler/stat sheet and model stuffer, Tom Brady went 22/37 for 357, three TDs and an endzone pick. The player now to be known only as “Gronk” broke an NFL-record for TD receptions in a season for a TE with 6 catches for 160 yards, two of those catching being TDs. Gronk now has 15 for the year and it’s gonna climb from there, as it’s more than obvious that Brady’s found his new favorite target. But the story of the game wasn’t just limited to Gronk. Washington wideout Brandon Banks threw a 49-yard TD to Santana Moss to start the 2nd quarter off and prove without a doubt that the Pats’ secondary is the most suspect group of DBs in the league. Passes were dropping to guys who didn’t have a Pats defender within 3-5 yards of them…20 yards downfield.

I think the craziest stat was in a graphic shown yesterday and a few weeks back – the Pats are in the bottom of the league in any statistical category in regards to yards allowed thru the air and on the ground. The fact is the Pats offense is so potent that they only really needa outscore their opponent, not necessarily stop their opponent from putting up points. Kinda like watching a pick-up basketball game where there’s no real semblance of defense, just gunners putting up numbers in bunches. That alone could prove scary come the postseason. I dunno about you, but for years, I’ve been able to put my confidence in a dude that looks like Justin Bieber’s estranged dad and part-time Ugg spokesperson and model. Hey, we’ll take it when we can get it. Just another legend in New England sports history. Let’s hope he can keep it going thru the next few weeks and mow thru squads in pursuit of the Super Bowl yet again.


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