Gift List – Indie Edition

Wanna keep up to date with the freshest new threads from independent artists? Well, look no further – I’ve compiled some of the dopest new shit from designers and had to look no further than my Twitter followers to find it.

Guns and Crayons (@GUNSandcrayons) – Website

G&C is a dope little collaborative effort that prides themselves in adding a little flair to classic logos and labels. Undeniable freshness. Check their website for pricing and availability. Tees, crewneck sweaters, and Gold Leaf camo shorts for the summer. Can’t lose with Guns and Crayons.

Boshok Clothing  – (@BoshokClothing) – Website

Boshok’s taking the lion by the mane and running with a dope figurehead for the label – the king of the jungle’s stylized graphic tee. Prices are fair, the lines are clean and Boshok’s indie name is growing quickly. Pricing and availability varies.


[Boston Dopeness] – Infamous Reign (@InfamousReign) – Website

Ahh yes, the brand seen on Termanology, Lil Fizz (MOP), Ea$y Money, and the rest of the ST. da Squad team – Infamous Reign is re-creating some Boston legacy pieces, such as Lucky the Leprachaun and much more. Reasonably priced, but ridiculous style for your buck.

You got a little less than 2 weeks now, so if you got cash, a sense of style, and some people to buy for – you can’t go wrong with what you got right here. Support dope independent artists and stay in the spotlight with lesser known, but equally dope fits. You’re welcome in advance.

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