Weird, Weird World

I know not all of us are in love with where we live – sometimes it’s too cold, too hot, too crime-ridden, etc. But the things the chick  above did in an effort to convince her (now ex-) husband to move outta her neighborhood was absolutely INSANE.

Laurie Ann Martinez was a prison psychologist in Sacramento County (CA) and just wanted outta her high crime neighborhood (justifiable, yes). She had conspired with a friend and some co-workers to stage a forced entry into her home and attempted to convince police that she was robbed and raped inside the house. According to the story posted in the Ledger (via the Associated Press), Martinez split her lip open with a pin, used sandpaper to scrape her knuckles and shit, even allowed her friend to punch her in the face to make an elaborate attempt to feign the attack. She ripped her shirt open and even pissed her pants to make it look like she was knocked unconscious during the attack.

Missing from her home were two laptops, her purse, an Xbox, a camera and a bunch of credit cards…which were stashed at her friend’s house to thicken the plot up just a little more. Here’s the beautiful result of this disgusting woman’s disgusting guise – her friends turned on her, she was arrested and charged with conspiracy, freed on $50,000 bond…and within six weeks of the April charges, her husband filed for divorce.

Instead of coming up with a logical reason and presentation for said idea to move from Sacramento, this broad FAKED her own robbery and rape in order to get her husband to move. In turn, she’s immortalized in the news, facing prison time, loss of a good chunk of change, will lose her accreditation as a psychologist…and her marriage. You’d think someone with the brain she had wouldn’t tryta really pull some dumb shit like that, but you know what? It’s a weird world, people. Don’t get caught up in all that.

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