Identify Yourself

People have had a ridiculous amount of questions for me over the years: Where you from? Why do you talk/act/dress like you do? What makes you think you’re any better than someone else? Simple answers to that reveal the fact that I’m entirely myself. Mainly, I do what I’m comfortable with, say what I feel, and don’t give a speckle of a fuck about what other people generally perceive me as. I’m my own unique being and the fact that I don’t conform and never really have has made me a talking point for people since I was young.

Now, don’t get it fucked up – I still dabble in some of the things that everyone else does – musically, professionally, stylistically. But how I differentiate myself from the hoards of people doing the same shit is simple – I. AM. MYSELF. I don’t like to follow trends, I don’t like to blend into a crowd, and I don’t wanna settle for being forgettable. Admittedly, I can probably come across as a dickhead, which is fine. My explanation for that is easy – I don’t bite my tongue because I have entirely too much to say and I don’t like the taste of blood. You wouldn’t really be shocked to hear that I’ve lost people in my life that I was close to over the fact I don’t hold back and I’m frighteningly honest in saying what I feel. Some like it, some don’t. But the ones that stick around and respect you for how you perceive things and how honest in the approach of conveying that thought – those people might as well be close enough to be blood.

Before you go ahead and say, “This kid, he’s just a prick”, ask yourself whether or not a part of you wishes you could be that honest. Too many people lead completely stress filled lives based on the fact that they’re too timid, too mild mannered, too…quiet. I don’t blend in because I was born to stand out. If I wanted to assimilate myself to the masses, I wouldn’t keep myself in shape, dress well, and portray myself with a level of confidence, although some muhfuckas take that as “cocky”. Cocky would be me unabashedly stating that I’m superior to anyone. Superiority isn’t my goal. My goal is to be absolutely autonomous from others who just go with the tide of life.But don’t mistake that sentiment for being unapproachable. Realistically, I’m still that dude that’ll spark conversation, if only to get your point of view. Isn’t that what everyone shoots for – to be heard?

Ever heard “Sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches”? That statement right there holds some weight, but I’ll be goddamned if I don’t go out with a fight. For every punch I take, I’m throwing one back. I don’t back down from a challenge and what’s more challenging than life itself? Exactly.

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