When Hate Isn’t “Hate”

I gotta admit, I’m really getting tired of these bullshit people out there saying, “Oh, so-and-so hates on me. (S)he’s just jealous.” Hey, you self-important, cornball fuck – ever occur to you that maybe they aren’t “hating” on you?

Maybe they just hate you? I’ve really, really started noticing FEMALES are notorious for this shit. That group of girls “hating” on you don’t like you because you absolutely refused to not let each of their boyfriends and acquaintances throw the conductor’s hat on and run trains on you. Oh, and that “secret” little rendezvous that no one was supposed to know about? Yup, dudes talk and your name just happened to be involved. Hence you getting dirty looks in public, threats, texts, calls, and slandered by damn near everyone.

It’s not limited to actual physical indiscretions either – if you can’t back up the shit that spews outta that septic tank of a mouth, keep it shut. No sense in saying shit about someone that you wouldn’t repeat if confronted. There’s no one “hating” on you for doing well or making moves for yourself – you’re encroaching on other people’s time, their lives, their significant others. People give respect when it’s due and when it’s earned. Dudes – don’t get it fucked up – people aren’t hating on you for your looks or what you’re doing with yourselves. People just don’t like you for whatever reason. “Hating” and “Haters” are terms used by people to justify why other people don’t like/agree with them.

If you really wanna stop the “hate” – look at yourself in the mirror and think about the shit that mighta gotten you to that point. And don’t take a picture of yourself without a shirt on, dickhead.


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