When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

Everyone’s been in a situation that’s infuriated them to the point they really wanna just say what’s on their mind and what they’re feeling. Sometimes these feelings include physical violence or a monumental meltdown of cussing, threats, and face fighting. Unfortunately, we needa use our better judgment and occasionally tuck our tail and keep quiet. A lotta us have jobs and incomes that we would really like to keep, but a dickhead co-worker or boss just has to rub you the wrong way first thing in the morning before you’re even functioning on a human level.

It’s a damn shame when you wanna curse someone’s mother and you just see snapshots of a $0 balance of your bank account in your head. For some – those snapshots either came too late or just weren’t the foremost thought in someone’s head as they’re trudging to the unemployment line to file. Realistically, we really needa pick and choose our battles carefully, and with good reason. People nowadays are loose cannons – from the prick that cuts you off in the morning on the highway and progressively gets more unhinged. There are tons of stories of road rage that ended up in fights, stabbings, and shootings. That shit’s crazy (not cray, we off that). People keep it so real that they end up outta work or, in certain cases, outta society.

Obviously there are situations that call for you to put your foot down, stand your ground, and show you’re not to be fucked with or taken lightly. Ever so often, you even needa let your friends and acquaintances know that you’re not gonna get pushed over all the time, and at some point, you’re liable to push back. There isn’t much of a better feeling than stopping undue bullshit in its tracks and walk away with your head high.

Bullying is one of those issues that’s gotten huge in the public spotlight, with the unfortunate and untimely death of Phoebe Prince in South Hadley in 2010. With the coverage being as pronounced as it is now, it’s giving the bullied kids the gumption to stand up and fight back about the bullshit they face on a day to day basis. But I must remind you again – you gotta pick and choose your battles. Making a snap judgment can land your ass amongst the unemployed masses, in jail, or in a hospital. Sometimes you gotta speak up, other times, let it cool out. But damn, it does feel good when you stop the shit dead in its tracks.

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