Signs Your Girl Might be Cheating

Fellas, ever get that weird feeling that your girl might be up to no good? There are some clues to tip you off as to what she’s got going on on the side:

  • She’s been texting “new girls from work”, but never speaks to you about them.
  • She’s listened to “Marvin’s Room” on repeat since it leaked.
  • Her statuses on Facebook and tweets are mostly sexually suggestive song lyrics.
  • She’s mistakenly mentioned dudes to you that you never heard of.
  • Your relationship’s falling apart, yet she stays smiling and somewhat happy.
  • Checking her phone more often than she used to.
  • She stopped bitching and complaining about the things that used to bother her.
  • She has a newfound interest in Rhianna/Drake or other sexualized music.
  • Wearing new makeup, applying it differently.
  • She gets heavily involved into local music scenes and follows artists on Twitter or comments/likes all the statuses they have.
  • Catch her looking in the mirror more than she usually does.
  • You find her getting closer or more interested in what your best friend’s doing.
  • Text/calls/comments/tweets with one or more of your close friends.
  • Hits the bar and clubs harder than she ever did before.

These aren’t necessarily foolproof clues, but the biggest one is that you actually catch her fucking with your friend(s)…in your bed. That might be a clue that you just aren’t paying attention all that hard.

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