The Meaning of [Snapneck] Life

Since I was a youngin, I was always a little adventurous. I useta climb things, get lost, get hurt, get confused, and tryta figure things out. My propensity for constantly tryna learn and better myself has really flourished over the past couple of years and my attention to detail has become sharper, more focused, and more vocal. What I lack in political correctness, I more than make up for in sharp tongued criticism, wit, and humor. But what all these things combine for is unadulterated truth and honesty. Hate it or love it, that’s what it is. Biting my tongue isn’t a quality I incorporate into my writing, into my speech, into my demeanor. Nope, I give it to you raw (no shimmy shimmy ya). Plus one point if you catch that reference.

Since I kicked off this blog about three weeks ago, I’ve gotten a ton of questions. Mostly things like, “What’s Snapneck Life even mean?”, “Why do you think people are gonna read what you hafta say?”, and “Everyone has a blog. What makes yours different?”

Lemme start off by explaining the origins of Snapneck Life – the world moves by and things change so, so quickly. The best way to look at it is picturing yourself driving down the highway, going 80, music blasting, windows down. You see something outta the corner of your eye and you whip your head around to catch a glimpse of it. Life moves by at the blink of an eye and sometimes there are just things that you can’t help but snap your neck to see. The things that catch my eye will inevitably end up right here, all condensed into one glorious ball of insight and commentary.

What I talk about is talked about by other people in the world, on blogs, wherever. The beauty of it is that they aren’t me, so there’s an excellent chance that I have the leverage to open your eyes as to the shit that goes on in this world. Whether it be my perception of sports, fashion, the weirdness that is today’s world, or music. Ahh yes, my music. I diversify my music posts based on what I’m feeling at the moment. I lean towards Boston music because I’ve supported to local music scene since I was younger. I grew up listening to artists from Boston, I support their moves and they support mine. The folks that I support might still be in Boston or have moved outta the area, but continue to rep the city they came up in. Can’t knock them for that in the least.

Life’s all about the connections you make, the moments that you savor and cherish, and the feeling that wisdom and laughter brings to your day and mine is immeasurable. I dig writing, I dig entertaining, I dig my readers. Hopefully my readers dig me. Til later, keep your eyes up and your ears open. Awareness is key to life.

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