But Why You Mad?

You know, I personally believe that I’ve done a pretty good job at being remotely humble and not going off and slandering people. Anything I write tends to err on the side of humor, as a good laugh will inevitably leave a smile or two behind and a reminder that this shit is dope. But copping out and attempting to bunch me in with a group of people without my skillset earns you a remarkable “fuckouttahere”.

I applaud and welcome criticism. I welcome it as a means for me to better myself and refine my style. Criticism, in my eyes, does not equal slander. Slander itself is slander. People rely entirely on fuckery as a means to get a rise outta me, but remember this – regardless of how you attempt to get under my skin, I’ll always be able to verbally berate you to the point you feel smaller than a dwarf’s dick because, when prompted, I’m colder than a hooker’s heart in dead winter.

I let people say what they wanna say for the most, but who the fuck do certain people believe they are to act like they’re better than me in any way shape or form? I learned what I learned over the years without the debt of college and honestly, I’m probably in a better spot because of it. I never sat there and put myself on a pedestal and I surely don’t have a God complex, so tell me why you’re so mad.

The basis of an argument is opposing points of view and FACTS to back them up. When one side has them and the other doesn’t, you’re just swinging at air, baby.



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