Justin Bieber Needs to Stop

I know, I know – everyone loves Justin Bieber. I’ll give the kid his respect tho – he can sing his Canadian ass off, but please, for the love of baby Jesus in his manger – leave freestyles to dudes that are putting out hip-hop albums.

The other day, thanks to the leader in breaking news (Twitter), I stumbled across the fact that Tom Brady’s apparent bastard son had the audacity to attempt to go in over Biggie’s “Who Shot Ya” beat. Now, what in the fuck, were you thinking, Bieber? There’s no possible way that any of the 13 – 16 year old demographic that you appeal to has even HEARD Biggie absolutely incinerate that beat. Shit, I’d be dumbfounded and even wrong, if any of them knew anything about Big before “Notorious” came out. Even then, it’s flagrantly wrong, wrong, wrong of him to attempt to shuffle his kid’s size 5 sneakers over that track.

This isn’t even the first time Beibs has gone on record and slapped together some bars and posted like he wasn’t outta his league. Remember when “Otis” dropped? Yup, he even went as far as to go in over THAT.  I don’t hate Bieber, really. I’m honestly indifferent to him. Dude’s young, he’s got a huge buzz across the world for his SINGING talents. But singing isn’t rapping. I respect his hustle in most every aspect. But even 50 Cent…nah, nevermind. 50 was tryna sing to broads on tracks once he went double platinum, so I can’t say he knew better. Even the great DJ Premier told Baby Bieber to slow up and relax when he tried to get in on the BET Cypher. He wasn’t doing it to be a dickhead, he was doing it to save his image. What suburbanite mother wants to let her pre-teen daughter listen to a young white Canadian singer struggle to drop bars with dudes walking around with face tats and criminal records? Come on, son.

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