What You Think About Me is None of My Business

“What you think about me is none of my business.” That’s such an ill line, isn’t it? Crazy to think about the specifics of that when you realize that everyone’s really entitled to have their own thoughts and feelings about certain things, especially when it comes to how they look at and perceive other people. When I think about it, there’s another phrase that really strikes a chord with me – “Fuck your feelings”.

I’m a walking contradiction in a way. I’m outspoken, highly opinionated, and probably even a little abrasive. Since I see myself in that way, I generally can’t care less about when people decide to throw some slander my way. You’re all adults, you can form and convey your own opinion on anything. But for the sake of discussion, we can talk about it. Just because we can debate it, doesn’t mean that I genuinely care or would lose any type of sleep over negativity.

Here’s the thing about me: I like what I like. You don’t hafta have the same thoughts and opinions as me. That’s the beauty of life – there are different schools of thought, different ideologies about what’s best for certain people. Shit, you don’t hafta dig the music I listen to, the clothes I wear, the style I have, or the opinions I so evidently spray around from time to time. You can call it gassed or whatever you want, but I think some people are really upset by the fact that since I was young, I never really conformed to the bullshit and small-mind mentalities of a lotta people in the area.

The way I speak has been a huge debate/concern of OTHER people over the years. How I feel about it is simple – if you don’t like how I talk, with my pleasing baritone voice, then you can choose not to listen. Don’t attempt to slander me and say, “Ant wants to be XYZ”. Because I know what I am, what I’ve always been, and will continue to be – different than you. I’ve never been into fitting the whole cookie cutter mold and duplication that a lotta people out here have really assimilated themselves to join the majority. Don’t consider me a dickrider because I promote local artists that I happen to like and respect. And what’s better? They respect that. Even better? They approach me for help.

At the end of the day, I sleep comfortably knowing that I don’t fake a single thing to be liked or respected. In actuality, I probably sleep better than most, knowing that I can wake up and continue to be me, as opposed to worrying about how I’m gonna be just like the next man. Food for thought, so don’t speak til you clean that plate.

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