Fine Lines

It’s an all too commonly used phrase – “There’s a thin line between love and hate.” Think about that for a second and appreciate it for what it’s worth – sound advice. It’s true that when emotions run deep, that line has the tendency, much like a party girl’s vision, to get blurred and lines get crossed quickly. But the beginning of the idea like be beat to death and stretched by me, as usual.

There are thin lines anywhere we look – love/hate, real/fake, middle-class/lower-class, class/trash, LeBron’s hairline. Along with those very close differentiating factors involved, most people play the line nowadays, as opposed to picking their side. For some, it’s extenuating circumstances that won’t allow them to stand their ground firmly. For others, it’s a game to play that line and test the limits of each side. It’s a tug-of-war for some.

Things we do to solidify our social standing can sometimes blur that line between pretentiousness and caring, or materialistic and stylish. Sometimes, when things are in a person’s own best interests, it can be looked upon as he/she being selfish. Whatever, it is what it is. But the interesting, intriguing, and frustrating thing is having to differentiate between the possibilities on the fly; to attempt to recognize how it may come across prior to fruition. Some people can read people. Others stumble thru how they interpret a person’s reactionary history or their feelings.

There’s an entire sociological undertone to this whole thing and at risk of getting too in depth, lemme put it to you simple and plain – shit out here is tricky. It’s enticing and dangerous to toe that line and play the back and forth, on and off, yes vs. no game constantly. Sometimes you gotta just plant your feet on one side and don’t let anyone knock you off that. Stubbornness, maybe. Life’s too short for all the games and sidestepping. Be you, stick to it, and be proud that no one’s swaying your decision.

There’s a very thin lacy veil between classy and trashy, ladies, and you know what the number one cause of the absolute disappearance of that separating factor is…? Liquor. Yup, the obvious gimme. The equalizer that can make the most reserved girl into a lay-up. When used in moderation, liquor loosens you up, helps you relax and enjoy things. When overconsumed, you get sloppy, slurry, touchy, whorey, and occasionally, obnoxious. The guys that are hitting the sauce heavy? They tend to get a little mouthy, punchy, pukey, assaulted. Moderation is Heaven, drunkenness is Hell. Or at the very most it’d be purgatory. Oh yeah, and they talk uncontrollably…

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