Seasonal Confusion

There’s (possibly) a reason that GQ voted Boston the WORST dressed city in the country behind such fashion-folly cities like Provo, UT. There’s one particular reason for this dubious award to be bestowed upon the gem of the Northeast – seasonal confusion. Pictured above is R&B singer/Rhianna abuser, Chris Brown. He’s showing off what New Englanders and Bostonians are guilty of – forgetting what the fucking temperature is.

New Englanders are notorious for wearing shorts with a hoodie on the coldest of winter days, walking around like the snow isn’t there, and playing off the fact that they look totally ridiculous. The other day it was 35-ish and I stumbled across a dude wearing cargo shorts, a pair of New Balance trainers and a Columbia ski jacket. Now, what in the fuck are you doing, sir? Don’t tell me that your torso gets cold, but you leave your chicken legs to brace against the elements all by their lonesome.

Another bullshit Northeast trend is people are still slipping flip-flops/chancletas over their feets and trudging out in the dead of winter all bundled up, like your toes are immune to frostbite and ridicule. This shit has to stop. Boston’s actually one of the more fashion-forward cities in the country, but for the love of Christ himself, we needa really stop with the “I-don’t-particularly-care-about-how-I-look-when-I-step-outta-the-house-and-into-public” type people.

It’s New England – we don’t get mild winters, where the mercury posts up around 50 degrees throughout the season. Nah, we get the bone chilling, shiver-inducing, curse-Mother-Nature, type of frigidity. Shit, I have Thinsulated leather Chucks because I happen to like and respect my feet, never to let a toe dangle on mornings where I can see my breath.

We have a reputation to uphold here in Boston and in the Northeast. We’re progressive and a little eccentric in how we dress. Don’t perpetuate the stereotype bestowed upon us by GQ. Break the cycle of off-season stylistic fuckery once and for all. Dress accordingly, because it’s really gonna be a cold winter.

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