No New Resolutions

I gotta be honest – I think people make New Year’s resolutions with wide eyes, high hopes, and little to no follow thru. I know, I know – it’s a new year, a time to make things right/re-invent yourself/try something new. Yeah yeah, I get it.

People who make these fucking grandiose resolutions are the same type of people that go to a buffet, fill their plates up to the lip…and only eat a few bites. People don’t necessarily manage their resolutions in a realistic sense. I could say, “My resolution is to buy a Maybach.” That’s all well and good, but if you don’t have the career/hustle/padded bank account that can afford that shit, you’re only spinning your imaginary wheels in trying to reach a goal that’s way outta reach to begin with.

  • Start small: Select a short term goal that can be easily attained and build off that. If you wanna lose 25 lbs this year, start with a short term goal of losing five lbs in the first month, or five lbs in three months. Instead of having one big endgoal, why don’t you make smaller, more manageable goals that’ll inevitably track your progress towards your main focus.
  • Be realistic: If you’re the partying type that tends to spend weekend mornings hating your life, while hungover, and cursing the liquor gods, maybe “quitting partying” or “drink less” would be an enviable and much needed end game. If you’re surrounding yourself with people that make that shit infinitely tough to keep, revise your strategy. Instead of partying every single weekend, maybe stay in for two weekends a month. That’s more manageable and you’re remember what a Saturday morning before noon looks like. Niiiice.
  • Link with people tryna reach the same goal: Ahh yes, the teamwork thing. If you’re aiming to lose some weight or transform your body, why not get together with people that are gonna PUSH you to your goal instead of dragging you away from it? Get a group (or just a partner) that’s striving for the same types of results and failure won’t even be an option. Plus, by linking with the right person, you can forge a new friendship along with your interest and see where it goes from there. It’s a win-win.

Oh, and since I’m on this positivity kick – anyone that isn’t helping you to reach those goals you set for yourself or who’s being negative towards what you’re tryna do should kick rocks, pound sand, make like a tree and split. 2012 is a new year, so why keep tracking the same baggage around with you for another 366 days (yes, 2012 is a leap year)? Exactly. Get to it.

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