Self-Esteem’s For Yourself

First and foremost, I feel compelled to get an opinion on one thing – do you really think that how people see you, how they think of you, will inevitably show as what you are or what you’ll become?

There’s a reason I ask. I’m genuinely curious to find out if people gravitate towards the negative shit that they’ve been told by people. Whether it be family, friends, scorned exes, the cute co-worker, strangers who make a snap judgment, someone over the thousands of days you’ve been around probably had some shit to say to/about you. Some shit real, some shit in an attempt to get under your skin.

Unless you’re Christ himself, there’s gonna be someone out there that could absolutely think you’re an asshole, a whore, a dummy, corny, too proper, too sloppy, not cute enough. Then again, even if you’re Christ, you’re absolutely getting blasphemed somewhere.

Now here’s where this gets interesting and surprisingly positive – fuck what other people say about you. Pay no attention to how you’re perceived. I’m gonna get all cliché for a moment, but life really is short. Listen very closely tho because you need this – don’t EVER allow someone else, regardless of who they are, make you feel insecure or inferior to them.

People talk all day. Unfortunately for some, it’s in their nature to gossip, to slander, to spend every day of their existence spreading negativity and keeping your name on the tip of their tongue. I don’t intend to make it sound like that’s the majority of people, but there’s a very large, very diverse cross-section of people out there whose lives are so boring, so monotonous, so uninteresting they find it necessary to involve themselves in your personal OR perceived actions or associations.

Look, if you’re being yourself every single day, you’re in the minority. Being yourself nowadays is as unique as it gets. If you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror at yourself – even with the crusty eyes, stank breath, yawning – you’re good for the day. Shower, throw some clothes on, look cute, and go about your business. When all of those things come together, those who couldn’t do that are inevitably get involved in your business as well.

What others say really don’t matter. Like I’ve always said – what you think about me is none of my business. As long as I know I’m living right, I’m content. Situations might tryta break me, but people and words? Nah, I wouldn’t give them that pleasure.


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