Delonte West BANNED from White House Visit

Delonte West, one of my favorite former Celtics/bipolar Desperado type dudes, was recently told that he’s unable to partake in the Mavericks championship visit to the White House due to his criminal record, derived from his infamous multiple guns x street bike incident a few years back.

Granted, Delonte’s one of the most outta his fucking mind, but entertaining dudes in the league right now, which could either be attributed to mental illness (as he’s alluded to before) or the fact he doesn’t quite care about what we see him as. He was one of my favorite Celtics for years while he was here, then the rumor about him bagging LeBroad’s mother, Gloria, hit.

Who knows what’s REALLY true, but Delonte and his stepson LeBron both have something in common – neither will be visiting the White House anytime soon.


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