Work Life | Personal Life

There’s generally a golden rule as soon as my sneakers hit the concrete of the parking lot at work – keep all your personal shit/quandaries/after work bullshit outside. Apparently some folks just have yet to even entertain the idea of their “work persona” and their “5:01 persona”.

I do my damnedest to keep all my personal struggles and downfalls and assorted other shit out of my workplace because I’m here for a few things – a paycheck, the gym, and my benefits – not to forge temporary friendships. Don’t get me wrong – I’m cordial, polite, and friendly. Shit, occasionally even funny. But I don’t actively search for friendship. Matter of fact, if we work together and we’re friends on Facebook or we follow each other on Twitter, you’re one of the cooler folks and I know you aren’t on some other shit.

I work 40 hours a week for a paycheck, not to play fucking therapist or be within earshot of Miss Can’t-Control-My-Life-Outside-Of-Here, bitching that her boyfriend’s a piece of shit or to hear others verbally defecate about their kids, about their failing marriages, or personal strife. I get it, we all deal with shit outside of work, but allowing those issues to permeate your work day and bring about negativity all day? Nah, please leave this shit at the badge swipe near the door. In here, it’s all business.

This is exactly why I refuse to bring my personal shit to work – ammunition for co-workers looking to get a leg up, or some dumb shit to gossip about. Every single job’s like that. There are spies everywhere that are absolutely, undoubtedly linked to higher ups and they soak their drawers at the chance to get some good gossip in. These are the scum of the workplace. They meddle in others’ affairs because their own lives are in need of some excitement, some hobbies, and more often than not, they haven’t been fucked right in forever.

That said, I have probably a dozen co-workers in Facebook limbo right now – they’ve sent requests that I’ve ignored and guess what? They can’t send another request until I accept or decline. To be honest, let em toil. We can be cool at work, but don’t ask why I haven’t accepted the request, because I’m gonna smile and walk away.

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