Beijing iPhone 4S Delayed, Mob Ensues

The Apple store in Beijing was supposed to open bright and early at 7 AM (their time) this morning for the general release of the iPhone 4S, which we had months back. Well, the store didn’t open as planned. Due to the ridiculous amount of people outside waiting for the release, employees posted signs, stating that the initial launch was cancelled due to the size of the crowd and their complete rowdiness, which led police and employees of the store to fear for their safety.

How did the sea of people react to the aforementioned fuckery of them calling off the long-awaiting release? Oh, just throwing eggs at the store and screaming thru the windows at the obviously frightened workers. It’s now reported that the 4S will NOT be available in any capacity in Beijing or Shanghai for the time being. I mean, how would you deal with this:

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