Ainge Willing to Blow Up Big 3

Well, here we go again – Celtics start the season off 5-8 and the worrying is palpable at this point. GM Danny Ainge has made it clear that he’s willing to split up the Big 3 of Pierce, Allen, and KG in order to bring some younger talent to Boston and keep the successful streak going. Only issue is the fact that not a single team has presented anything worthwhile as of yet.

According to ESPN and the Boston Globe, Ainge stated that he was at a Christmas party with Bird, McHale and Parish (alongside Red Auerbach) back in the 90s and Red let them in on some of the proposed trades that woulda sent Boston legends outta town for a influx of youthfulness…and garbage:

  • Larry Bird to the Pacers: Celtics would have received Chuck Person, Herb Williams, and Steve Stipanovich. Two words – THE. FUCK?
  • Kevin McHale to the Mavs: Celtics would have received Detlef Schrempf and Sam Perkins. Ok, I could deal with that, we woulda gotten two outside shooters – both of which had terrible haircuts (and one who loved smooth jazz. You figure out which one.)

I don’t think getting some new blood in Boston would be a bad idea, but Danny – why the fuck did you insist on filling roster spots with dudes like Sasha Pavlovic, re-signing Sleepy Face Daniels, and acting like their “experience” would translate into solid minutes or production? Shit, I woulda focused on bringing in YOUTHFUL free agents or even go shopping in the D-League (like Stiemsma).

Don’t go doing something dumb and rash that you’ll end up regretting. You remember how pissed Rondo was when Perk got traded? Imagine the backlash of trading the franchise cornerstone (Pierce) who spent his entire career here. Look, you blew in in the past with bad deal, shit draft picks and Marcus Banks. Don’t go Pitino on us and ruin us for a decade, please.


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