Crazy in Quincy

According to the Patriot Ledger, a home on Belmont Street was hit on Saturday night. Amongst the missing items? Oh, some clothes, 15 stacks from a wall safe and…that’s right, pair(s) of Jordans.

Now I dunno what’s more disturbing – the fact that the mother didn’t call cops immediately, instead deciding to call them from a location in Walpole (huh?), the fact that there was no signs of forced entry, meaning she either knew the thieves OR knew of them enough to let them in. On top of that; how did the thieves KNOW where the wall safe was? And to keep $15k in there? I don’t mean to tell game, but that’s either a nest egg for a college fund or, being that it’s in Quincy, it’s probably drug loot.

Shit reporting on the behalf of the Ledger tho. They didn’t even bother to ascertain what Jordans they were. Were they the Chicago 10s that got released first thing Saturday morning? Maybe it was a pair of Concords? Possibly Cements? Or was it from a collection that dude started with some off-hype Js.

On a lighter note, they also mention that violent crimes are down in Quincy, compared to last year’s number. Thru the end of January 2011, there were 218 violent crimes, as compared to the 118 violent crimes thru January 19th this year. Way to go, Q. Keep it…semi-violent. But I’ll tell you this – it’d be a blustery, awfully cool day in Hell if anyone in Quincy ever tried to stick me for my paper, damn.

A lotta questions left to be answered, folks. Keep it locked to for updates…

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