I Clean Up Nice

Who else had that one pair of sneakers that they fell in love with years ago? The ones you wore every single day because they were the dopest, brand new, crispest sneaker you ever slid over ten toes. The ones that you had to part with due to your big toe slipping outta the side of them, no tread left, slipping and sliding on linoleum floors. Well, since I was younger, I’ve gone thru at least 150 pairs. Including the pairs I still have in various forms of wear? Add another 50 or so.

After receiving the highest praises from sneakerheads across the county, I gave Jason Markk Premium Sneaker Solution a shot. At $20 for an 8 oz. bottle of cleaner, plus a whisker brush, I scrubbed up on a very pairs of my favorite Dunks from 03 – 05 and was shocked at how clean the nubuck uppers and midsoles got. The soles are still 95% flawless, so that wasn’t an issue, but check the success.


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