“Pat, Did You Sajak?”

Huh, I guess you gotta be drunk to be on TV five nights a week for, oh, 20 plus years. Pat Sajak’s revelation to ESPN’S Dan LeBatard that he and cougarific Vanna White useta hit the sauce pretty hard before filming “Wheel of Fortune”.

Sajak said that he and Vanna would drink “two or three or six” margaritas prior to taping. Shit, is that how he kept a sense of humor watching a giant spinning wheel with sequined price tags for at least 250 nights a year? I’m sure the game show power pairing probably had some drinking games established for their pleasure and/or to manage dealing with the shouting, occasionally socially awkward contestants.

I’ll tell you what tho – if I watched Vanna go from an absolute fucking jawdropper back in the 80s/90s and to see her age rapidly since, I’d be hitting the booze pretty hard too. I’m sure it’s not uncommon to get a glow going before being on camera/hitting the stage/showering, but why are people so concerned? They’re entertaining people for a living. People get drunk and work in offices – that’s a problem.

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