Not Just a Pretty Face

Yeah yeah, I know – this probably sounds like an attempt to suck my own dick, but listen. I’m more than just a face and a smile and some fingers and a blog – I’m generally and genuinely a good person. I’m far from a dummy, although it’s been said by those who struggled thru college that they’re “on a higher level” than me because of their piece of paper with a college name on it and $80k in incurred expenses and lifelong debt. This harkens some similarities to a couple other articles, but lemme just put you on real quick, if I may.

Dudes all over the globe often stick to the “pretty face” theory with women in an attempt to minimize what that gorgeous girl they saw on the street/TV/train/movie/music video/magazine, etc. It’s a foreign theory for a lotta people, but regardless of how you look, you gotta have some type of substance to your personality or you’re really up shit’s creek in a two-piece and no paddle, ladies. Fellas, same shit goes for you.

What makes people minimize and undervalue what others bring to the world? Jealously? Perhaps. Misery? Yeah, she’s a lonely bitch, so presumably, people will attempt to boost their own self-esteem by downplaying others’ qualities and relegating others to a flurry of perceived slights and attempts to shit on others.

Man, listen – if I was only a pretty face, it’s miraculous that I would even be able to string together words in a syntax that’s easily read and understood by people, regardless of education or not. But I know a lotta muhfuckas already wrote me off. That’s fine, seeing as I’m not sweating those ones in the least.

Sometimes I think it’d probably be easier to just sit there, drooling on myself and have nothing intelligent, relative, or even comical to say. Then again, fuck blending in. How many dudes you know that wear purple on a regular basis? It’s cool, I’ll give you a minute to think of that…did you come up with any? Huh, alright then. I wear the shit I wear because I dig it and because it looks good on me. You don’t like it? You aren’t wearing it and you didn’t pay for it. Remember when I said, “What you think about me is none of my business”? Oh good – keep that shit to yourself.

I wasn’t born and raised or bred to be one of the anonymous faces in the crowd. I’m built like a fucking thoroughbred, b. I created myself and what differentiates me from a lotta the other people out there – I don’t wanna conform just to be on the good side or accepted by those same faceless drones that spew that bullshit at me about my appearance or how I speak. Just remember – you can call me superficial, but that’s calling the kettle black, ain’t it, Pot?

If you don’t like me, don’t be me. Simple and plain. But I’ll be goddamned if you find another LIKE me.

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