Scumbag of the Day

This gem pictured above is facing a slew of charges, from kidnapping and armed robbery, as well as assault on a person over 65. He met a 68 year old man (who he knows) and asked for a ride. The man let scummy Joe Tibbetts into the van, and he quickly pulled a knife.

Thinking quickly, the 68 year old (who is also on an oxygen tank), convinced Tibbetts to let him stop for food near the Hingham/Cohasset line. Tibbetts left the van and offered up repeating opening and closing of a pocket knife with the words, “I can kill you”, slipping ever so gracefully from his lips. Thankfully, the driver had a spare key and took off, right to the Hull Police.

Tibbetts faces nine charges, including kidnapping, armed robbery on a person over 65, assault with a knife and a wrench, larceny on someone over 65, witness intimidation, resisting arrest (responding cops needed 2 sets of cuffs for this dickhead) and disorderly conduct. Just a stand-up piece of shit, preying on a literally helpless old man.

This is the type of shit that makes my stomach turn – pulling a knife on a senior citizen who has trouble breathing on his own, threatening to kill him, and all for what? Look at the mugshot, b. This dude is the ideal candidate for someone being stoned to death and I’m not talking about by the leaf. Legitimate piece of shit on oh so many levels.


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