Wisdom in a Cookie!

Of all the Chinese food that I’ve eaten in this world, including the ridiculous amounts of fortune cookies I’ve consumed, I can’t say I ever came across anything as poignant and perfect as this. It can be taken so many ways – relationship/love advice (Ladies, don’t be that low hanging fruit, too easy to get); life advice (aim for your highest goals, even if you don’t reach them, you’ll grasp something good anyways); humor (the easiest jokes usually aren’t that funny).

Obviously this is meant to be sound advice as far as attaining your goals and in regards to shaping your future, this is about as good as it gets. As far as being the low hanging fruit, that’s something to avoid. Ladies, you don’t wanna be that girl that’s so easy to get and even easier to replace. Fellas, why bother wasting time messing with a girl that’s already been with one Tom, multiple Dicks, and a few Harrys…that you know?

Life’s really all about the journey – the experience and knowledge gained by striving for shit that might be considered outta reach. It’s about pursuit, it’s about desire, it’s about not settling for the easy shit that only creates some temporary happiness. It’s cliche as hell, but reaching for the moon and ending up in the stars isn’t a bad look at all. Ever notice the people not even scraping the clouds are always the most unfulfilled? Yeah, exactly that.

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