RIP Eddie Bones

I never got a chance to meet EB, but him and Check were those local dudes that never left the CD player in the whip or at the house. Skitzofreniks were the crew that I was crazy into (nh). Between Check’s verses and Bones’ production, I was launched into their moves in the mid-late 90s and I still catch myself throwing on their classics when I feel the need to reminisce. I know Bones is gonna watch the Pats tonight and he’ll be smiling when we smack the Giants. RIP Bones, you’re in a better spot now, but we can never forget you.


Skitzofreniks – “Naturally”


Skitzofreniks – “Revenge of the Herbs”


Skitzofreniks – “On My Own Shit (Remix)”


Skitzofreniks – “Brew Akbar (Remix)”


Skitzofreniks – “Slow It Down – EB Produced”

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