February 14th is the Day Before the 15th

Ladies, see this picture? The mascara streaming down her face? Don’t let that be you today. Realistically, why put emphasis on a holiday that’s created as a way to cause an uptick in revenue for candy sales, card sales, etc? Oh, because when you were a little kid, we useta have Valentine’s Day parties and HOPE that the cute classmate we were in puppy love with gives you a nice card and something sugary and sweet?

Real dudes across the globe understand that ONE specific day outta the year to get your girl a gift is absurd. If there’s only one day outta 365 that you’re pampering your chick, there’s a serious issue. Dudes should make their girl feel like they’re a queen every single day, not wait for the mid-point of the shortest month of the year to get some flowers, or jewelry, or whatever it is that your girl likes.

And for the females that are so miserable that they don’t have someone to spend February 14th with this year – better luck next year. Instead of rushing into relationships or spreading the sugar to any dude that seems remotely interested. I put you ladies on a pedestal because you should know better, in your 20s. Not to say that ALL females are created equally, but some know enough that loving yourself first is conducive to your own happiness. You really needa make sure that you love yourself and show yourself enough respect before you can properly and strongly love someone else.

Fellas, spoil your girl all year. It’s not always gonna be a grandiose showing or huge money being spent – it’s attention to detail that really matters. Prove to your girl that you listen to the things that some might overlook and follow thru on it…not just on Valentine’s Day. And some of you single dudes out there look absolutely foolish tryna game females today. If I see another “Wow, I’m so surprised that you don’t have a valentine. I’d LOVE to be your valentine, if you want” comment on a blasphemous, anti-love, anti-male status, I’m reporting you as a fucking slimeball.

Negativity is noticeable and is noted – your demeanor as a single woman today may inevitably dictate how men view you on ANY other day of the year. That being said, if you’re single, ladies – keep your head up, your heart open, and your smile wide. And don’t fall for the lonely dudes tryna get that Valentine’s Day sexing…unless you’re that lonely too.

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