Crack…in Quincy?!

Quincy, Quincy, city of…guns and crack? QPD’s anti-drug task force (laughable) was able to keep tabs on Jason Campbell of Quincy Ave (as if dude was hard to spot), for possibly slinging the rock down near Wolly Beach. After grabbing a search warrant, they were able to find bundles upon bundles of hard white and guns. BUT, not just any guns – dude had a 50 cal Desert Eagle (love) and what’s described as an “1100 round per minute MAC-11 machine pistol”.

Umm…word? Dude had fucking video game type guns! Have you ever seen a MAC-11? If not, lemme show you –

Anyways, old boy is facing a laundry list of charges that could possibly have him locked up well into his 40s. They include: possession of a class B substance with intent to distribute, conspiracy to violate drug laws, defacing a firearm’s serial number, possession of a large capacity firearm and possession of a large capacity firearm feeding device.

The first time I read it, all I thought about was the Biggie line: “I got 7 MAC-11s, about 8 38s, 9 9s, 10 MAC-10s, the shit never ends…”

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