Down Under Freshness: Price of Fame

First and foremost, big shout out to my dudes Chris and Daniel. A relatively new, albeit dope brand based outta Sydney, Australia, Price of Fame lends some artistic credibility into the land of large prints and gorgeous layouts. As of the moment, PoF produces iconic prints with their own twist:

Marilyn Windy City: $60 USD – order here

Buy Less Fuck More: $50 USD – order here

And ladies, don’t you worry your pretty little faces off – PoF has prints for the ladies (orderable in Men’s sizes for the time being):

Welcome to Brooklyn: $50 USD – order here

Kate Moss: $50 USD – order here

All in all, they’re expanding their brand all over metro Sydney area and creating a heavy buzz due to their innovative, refreshing, and fire prints. This brotherly duo is doing it big, so why not be one of the ONLY people in the US to have something that wasn’t created by a brand that everyone knows about? Again, subtlety and individuality rules supreme.

Check em out here on Facebook, with some pre-production prints they’ve been working on OR here at their official retail site. Til next time, keep it locked!

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