Mixtape of Note: OGUNZ “Beats Ain’t Safe” [PCM Music – New Jersey]

Alright, folks, let’s get right down to business – for my first official mixtape trial by an all-knowing one man jury, I gotta say, I had to look at a tape outside of Boston, outside of New England, but still had buzz enough to keep the Northeast buzzing. I keep an ear to the street, to the web, to myself, and try to spread words about what’s hot vs. what’s lukewarm Spam being offered up to the masses.

That said,I got a very discerning ear for what has any type of replay value, what isn’t gonna make me toss the laptop thru a window and cry out about wasting time. Luckily for me (and you), OGunz of PCM Music/Risk Takers/Brolikk Productions didn’t disappoint. As a disclaimer – this shit isn’t swag rap. This is official street shit. Kitchen table, dinner plates and powder music. Jersey shit. I co-sign it.

Honestly, this shit might be anti-swag. I fuck with that. It’s hardbody shit that lately I’ve taken a little break from. Beat selection is consistently dope throughout, but the heat starts out early in the tape. Example – Track 2 “Evidence”. With the bite of a starved pit, the confidence of a boxer, OGunz drops hammers like “No snaking, point blanking, we blatant muhfuckas/It’s like we so disrespectful/New scope, ain’t gotta be close to detect you” and “I run with Giants like Coughlin/Who Justin Tuck the 4-5th, get off him”. My regional alliance and loyalty won’t allow me to back WHO he mentions, but it was cleverly put together.

Some of the shit on here just jumped outta the speakers at you and force you to loop the track, specifically “Prepaids”, but my A+, perfectly constructed track had to be the very accurate “Oh My God”. Fuck, that shit knocks and OGunz deftly rides Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come track into oblivion. “Bring them toys to your kids like Tyco/Sup with all these fake n*ggas, no I don’t like you/If it was up to me, I’d climb a tree and just snipe you”. Oh, that’s how we’re feeling at the moment? Fine, you got your point across.

As with 99.31% (may not be accurate) of mixtapes that drop, there’s some filler music. Not to say it was shit that was garbage, it just failed to deliver at the same level as my choice tracks mentioned above. I give just about anything a fair shot, aside from the super-pop woman beater type suckers, if you got a little hype surrounding you, I’ll give it a shot. Following suit with other PCM Music releases, I was impressed. Jersey’s got some heat out there and it’s not down the Shore, slathered in lotion, stuffed with plastic, or stuck up with fistfuls of hair gel. Sounds like me like the heat and stickups are coming courtesy of OGunz (aka Don Draper) and the rest of PCM.

Overall, “Beats Ain’t Safe” gets a solid 4/5 on the newly created Gas or Trash scale. Nice effort, dude.

–> Download HERE <– (It’s a recession, so you have no reason not to DL FREE.)

Til next time, remember to burn your jorts now or save em for a bonfire in the summer months. And Boston MCs/producers, feel free to see where your music stands up in this Snapneck Life.

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