The ORIGINAL Murder, Inc.

Some may remember, but most won’t – before Ja Rule got his career crushed at the hands of Eminem, he was actually gangster as fuck and his flow was on point. Then he got weird, started singing and took the (potentially) historic Murder Inc. imprint and flipped it to “Murda, Inc.” Well, the original Murder Inc. was formed back in the late 90s. Comprised of heavyweight Jay-Z and the rookie hitters, Ja and DMX, Def Jam had developed what coulda been a mini-supergroup of MCs. No time for “what ifs”, just listen to some of their select work during their short run.


Jay-Z and Ja Rule – “Gangsta Shit”


Jay-Z, Ja Rule, and DMX – “Murdergram” [HARDBODY]


Ja Rule and DMX – “Gotti Style”



2 thoughts on “The ORIGINAL Murder, Inc.

  1. yo remember venni vetti vicci (sp.?) thats still one of my favorite albums of all time! we used to bump that shit to the tournaments and scare the all white teams!


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