Days Get Shorter

I know I’ve been a little lax on writing for a minute and for that, I apologize, but life’s some tricky shit.

That said, life’s not exactly as long as we expect it to be. Full of uncertainty, it’s also full of opportunity, full of fruits of our collective labors just waiting to be ambitiously plucked from where it’s been waiting for someone like you. There are far too few chances for people to better themselves, to reach their aspirations, for people to sit around fucking off and waiting to get that pie in the sky.

Cliches like “good things come to those that wait” is unequivocal bullshit, b. Picture sitting on a bench, waiting to feed a bird, when another dude swoops in, tosses some seed (pause) in the winged fella’s direction and your dream of feeding it is dashed. That’s the worst fucking analogy I could conceivably think of at 8 AM, but you get the point.

Life’s about hustle. People who sleep on their goals end up pissed off, depressed and blaming everyone BUT their own procrastination. It’s not even 100% about talent or know-how. It’s about pointing at your end goal, busting heads to get there, and showing any and all opposition that this ain’t a game. We’re out here tryna get to the top of whatever position we are destined and driven enough to attain. Sitting on that fat ass, whining about how you aren’t doing what you want isn’t helping our cause.

The summer’s here, so…what you waiting for? Beach bodies aren’t made overnight. You’re approaching 30. How much time do you really have to make your mark. All that “coulda, shoulda, woulda” trash and the “what if?” bullshit needs to burn slow. There aren’t any guarantees in this life, aside from death, taxes, and someone that’s gonna do anything in their power to get the spot that you’ve anxiously contemplated for so long.

But simple contemplation isn’t shit. You could think endlessly about moving outta state – unless you’re making money, hunting for a spot to rest at, lining up some work, getting shit squared away, you’re sitting in the same spot, wishing, dreaming, hoping shit will fall into place. Nothing falls into place, with your slacking ass – you gotta grind like a motherfucker because, sadly, even tomorrow isn’t a guarantee. Gotta set the pieces of life together in a way that, when you take a step back, you can see that proverbial bigger picture. Either make that bitch beautiful or leave it looking like a preschool drawing that people force grins and compliments upon. That isn’t worth the disappointment tho, right?

While you’re at it, clean up your circle. It’s sad but true – eventually, who you surround yourself with is who you’ll become. No one wants to hang with shitty, bummy ass, goal-deprived people who aren’t helping you as much as their doing the opposite. Think about that shit. And enjoy the sun while it’s out.

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