I Love Samples: The Whispers “Rock Steady” vs. Freddy Gibbs “Slangin Rocks”

Know why I love music in general? Because it’s the consummation of talented people doing talented shit. Singing, rhythm, tonality, scales, all that wordy fuckery that makes the world more bearable.

Case in point, the Whispers track “Rock Steady” was heavily influenced by the New Jack Swing era, featuring guitars, synths, a dope drum line, this was IT back in ’87. In 2010, along comes Freddie Gibbs, aka Gangsta Gibbs, outta one of the hardest (pause) cities in the country – Gary, IN. Gibbs is so Gary tho – hardbody rhymes about selling rock, specially crafted with a brutish flow and clean delivery, his tape “Str8 Killa No Filla” included production by Boston’s own Statik Selektah. Enough talk, listen to what a decade and change allows a hood rapper like Gibbs to wax reminiscent of the crack era over a pop/New Jack beat. Crazy.

The Whispers – “Rock Steady”


Freddie Gibbs – “Slangin Rock”

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