Ain’t Gotta Lie to Kick It…

In honor of the Olympic 6 release this morning, let’s take a look at the abject fuckery that companies (mainly FUBU) have bestowed upon the low-income, low-concept masses. First up – the Jordan 3. Classic silhouette, tasty looking, and easily biteable. Well, here you go – an unfresh look at a classic. Shame. My question is HOW and WHY are people copping these (for the low, low price of $25) and tryna pass em off as Js tho? The FUBU branding, lack of an air pocket, and retail-rack cut are a dead giveaway. Matter of fact, you couldn’t give these shits away, I’m sure.

Next up, let us feast our eyes on the re-fake of the Jordan 4 White Cement, provided once again by For Us By Us. I gotta ask – are you fucking with me right now? No WAY these got a patent on them and if they do, I’ve lost nearly all faith in the US Patent Department.

To round out the hideous, unimaginative, and bootlegged styles that we see before us at the moment, FUBU’s provided the assumingly unconcerned folks looking for kicks with their spin on the Oreo 6s.

While I totally understand the fact that not everyone has an obsession with sneakers, I know that most will take the time to peruse sneaker racks in an attempt to find something that fits their own personal style. Cheaper kicks can be plain, unassuming, but still dope and timeless (see: Chucks, Vans, and even the resurgence of Toms in the past year). Not everything has to be particularly flashy or well recognized, but when I see someone rocking fakes (not China-made, small difference fakes), but obvious NO-NAME fakes, I cringe a bit. I cringe more when dudes (and you chicks) are out there rocking these shits like someone won’t notice and expose a blatant bite of classics, but have the nerve to post up like they’re real and I’m bugging out.

Stop it, b. Save the $25 and put it towards something that won’t result in ridicule. Please and thanks.

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