The Throne Vs. Flux Pavilion – “Who Gon Stop Me” / “I Can’t Stop”

Remember how everyone lost their collective shit when Watch the Throne dropped? “Jay and Ye together?! Yes!” Ahem, that was me, but I felt like beyond “Otis”, past “H.A.M”, above “N*ggas in Paris”, there was a standout – “Who Gon Stop Me”.

The track itself was unbridled flame, torch, light music, with heavy synths, reckless rhymes and some disrespectful lyrics thrown in for good measure (“This is something like the Holocaust / Millions of our people lost” – Ye, please cool out). With an undeniable electronic influence, this track burned itself into my daily rotation with absolute quickness. I’d play at high volumes, on repeat, with such abandon that people knew what I was listening to well before they heard me pull up.

Upon further inspection, I see where the sample came from – Flux Pavilion’s aptly titled “I Can’t Stop”. I’m not always a dubstep head. More matter of factly, I generally despise it, however, some shit to too dope not to catch yourself nodding to. Simply fire, so…here’s the comparison:

Flux Pavilion – “I Can’t Stop”

Jay-Z and Kanye West (“The Throne”) – “Who Gon Stop Me”

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