RIP Chivalry

Shout out to a dude I consider family for bringing this up to me a couple weeks back and again last night. It needs to be brought up because ladies are slumming with the new wave of guys in the past decade.

In 2012, one thing is painfully clear – some of you dudes really are some of the most disrespectful, ill-mannered, overly influenced with tryna either be macho or borderline misogynistic,  that you forgot the vast majority of key things the WOMEN in your life shoulda taught you a long time ago when you were growing up. There’s a huge difference in being a man and being a gentleman. Dudes have no manners, no sense of how to behave, no sense of respect for their girls nowadays and it’s a sad thing to see, seriously.

Fellas, here are just a few details that you should really incorporate into your daily lives if you’re tryna get (or keep) the girl you dig:

  • Open and hold the door for your girl. Why does the pretty girl who has her hair and nails done, well dressed, hafta hold the door open for your bum ass?
  • Chew with your mouth closed/elbows off the table.You don’t needa slobber while you’re attempting to eat and talk simultaneously and you sure as shit don’t needa hover over your plate, caveman.
  • Hats off at the dinner table. I’m surely guilty of this, but certain times are more acceptable. Quick bite to eat? Cool, here’s your pass. Dinner at Ruth’s Chris? You needa let the locks flow (or the caesar breathe).
  • Offensive jokes in public? Nah. That’s just embarrassing for your girl if there are others within earshot. Some things are best left behind closed doors. Which leads me to this…
  • Stop playing grab ass in public. It’s always a good look to hold your girl’s hand, arm around her waist, or little kisses just because. If you’re tryna launch into a full-out makeout session in public, compose yourself. Save that “new to the feeling” shit for the middle-schoolers.
  • NO WANDERING EYES! It hurts me that I even hafta bring this up – fellas, I get that there’s eye candy scattered around. I see it, you see it, your girl sees it. But the fact that you get the crazy cartoon eyes popping out, tongue and jaw on the floor reaction when someone ELSE walks by, you look like a dickhead and your girl’s gonna think she’s not good enough to keep your attention.  Bad, bad look.

Alright, enough of the gospel for now. This is only the tip of the iceberg for some of you heathens. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll save some of this shit for a video post. That’ll drill it into your head. Respect your women, before a dude with manners and some respect snatches her right up from under you and leaves you hanging…

4 thoughts on “RIP Chivalry

  1. Perrotta, stop trying to branch off and reach a broader yet slummier audience, you got it right already with your innitial target. Why even attempt to help the heathens who this type of advice will reach. Stick with whats natural to you like style, class, exclusivity and other things that help put people over the top of others regular mundane lives. Like parker, I know that even though the women we love are our equals its a must to keep the chivalric persona alive, above and free from the “that my ho, she my BM” tendencies that the men of our generation think are acceptable standards when it comes to their interaction with women. Let them wallow alone wondering why they cant attract a good woman! By not helping the heathens you are inadvertantly bettering the odds for us, the few true gentlemen that still exist. Oddly enough to most women we are a mere fable that was past down to them by their grandmothers fairytale instructions that outline what qualities to require in the gentlemen that court them. By teaching a “ho” mentality heathen how to fake a little chivalry your setting a woman up to get tricked by the chivalric mask then when the mask is removed “probably after sex” she is stuck with the true inner heathen who has no respect or interest in what a woman really has to offer, as your confidant, your lover, your friend and your equal partner in life! Perrotta, bring us true gentlemen out of the shadows, so our ways will be passed on to the generations that are to come. It’s time we take a stand against the objectification of women that is currently accepted as the norm. We will do so by instilling respect, understanding and the desire for a classy girl into our childrens minds while also leading by example. Women will no longer feel the need to try and be sex symbols by offering it up too soon, instead they can show their more intriguing qualities which are what actually matter in sustaining a relationship. If we teach our children properly our ways will live on and the heathens will either die off or be forced to follow our example, for if they dont a cold lonely future awaits!


  2. Sorry Ryan, but I disagree. Preach on, Ant. Letting the heathens be heathens to better your chances makes you no better than the heathens. This education is not only to benefit women, but to benefit humanity as a whole. We all affect and have influence on one another. “Monkey see, monkey do” is exactly why we have this problem of lost chivalry. Reading this might enlighten some, not just convince them to act a certain way in order to get some (which is pretty much what you [Ryan] implied would happen). I could go on and on on this subject, as it leads to other topics such as father’s being role models for their children and women acting as women, rather than just your average ho (usually stemming from abandonment issues, generally from their father). People have and raise children, without fully comprehending the effect of their actions on their children. Every unkind word, every spiteful decision, every every everything parents do will affect their children, for the rest of their lives. One of my favorite quotes is, “the best thing a father can do for their child, is love their mother.” She may be the craziest bitch on the planet, but as far as the children are concerned, there should be nothing but love for the crazy bitch. Sons will grow to respect women, and women will grow expecting, demanding, and seeking out respectful people to share their lives with.


    1. Nicely said, Pelly. It’s really just a lost art and I dunno why it is. Maybe not what certain dudes are used to, but at the same time, parents (especially fathers) should be instilling a sense of this in sons from an early age.

      Dudes have gotten desensitized to what common courtesy and respectability can do for their girl, and them too, to a degree.


  3. I agree completely. I see girls at my scoohl wearing shorts that are seriously smaller than some of the underwear I own. Pretty sad if you ask me. I think though if you lead by example for your daughter things will turn out oK. Right now as a teen my mom has less influence over me because I’m older, and I think for myself. And with you, since your daughter is much younger, you have more influence over her. Another way, with regards to clothing, to influence your daughter is through compliments. If you see her put something on that you think is not only appropriate but cute, tell her Wow you look nice today. But you can’t only say this once. The key is repetition. Repeated compliments helps build self esteem and is influential.So for now, while your kids are still young, you have more ability to influence them which is good. But when thay become teens, all you can do really is hold on for the ride and trust you did a good job while they were young.


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