Release Reminder: Jordan 7 “Raptor” [9.1.12]

Good morning, folks. Just a friendly reminder that, A) these gems, the Raptor 7s, release on Saturday, September 1 and B) that’s only one week from my monumental birthday on the following Saturday. Both those facts go hand-in-hand, so feel free to cop me a pair when you’re out getting yours.

That being said, this particular colorway is something that hasn’t been seen on a pair of Jordans, aside from the originally released back in 2002. Something about the combination of black and purple is super dope to me, add in a little red and things just get blown up. To me, the 7s might be one of the most slept-on silhouettes of any Jordan from 1-10.

The design itself is dope, boasting a cut-away ankle support, which will remind most of the OG Huaraches, but ingenuity doesn’t exactly go above and beyond. As has been the bitch about most of the retro releases, the price point goes up and up ($160 for these, as is standard, aside from the Concords’ retail of $180), yet quality suffers. What I’ve noticed with my Orion 7s, is the smooth leather seems a bit stiff, while fighting off creasing, it remains susceptible to scrapes and scarring. From what I can gather, these Raptors will sport a black nubuck/leather combo, which could go either way.

The mesh/nylon tongue on the 7s is a good look – stretchable, multi-colored, and sporting gray to offset the darker tonality of the all-black everything, with hits of the purple and red that sets it off a bit more. An improved heel tab is stable, but doesn’t add too much to the make-up of the shoe itself.

Admittedly, I’ve slept on just about every release that Jordan’s put out after the Black Cement 3s of Black Friday notoriety, but keep it locked here for more reminders as we near the day the each prominent retro colorway is dropped.

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