Happy Birthday, Baby!

First and foremost, thanks.

Next up, allow me to say that a year ago today, I had enough. I was tired of sitting around with a head full of shit to say, some time on my hands, and really just wanted to get some shit off my chest. Over the span of the last year, I’ve taken the words outta my filthy mouth and gotten my hands dirty, touching on a lotta different subjects:

Not to minimize the shit I’ve done in the past year, the links above are a sample of some of the articles put together as a reflection of what it is that I find to be dope on a day to day basis.

Snapneck Life was initially just going to be an online type of journal (not weird for a dude my age to have a journal), but it kinda expanded beyond what I thought it was gonna be. It gave me a chance to write articles for the Pembroke Mariner, with my own column, until creative differences inevitably showed up from readers and editors alike. Whatever tho.

Managing SnL also afforded me an opportunity to link with some really dope clothing labels from across the country, put me in touch with cool ass people every single day. From readers who’d email me and leave comments, people across the country sharing my stuff on Facebook, Twitter, re-blogs on WordPress, etc. Been a dope year already and it’s gonna get better.

Some of my work’s touched on more serious topics, including the rampant use of dope and pills in my area, The Change in Town. Featured in the Mariner, as well as serious social media sharing, it put a light on the shit that has turned a quiet, blue-collar, decent area into a disaster.

Anyway, I gotta tell you all again – THANK YOU – for the continued support, the love, the hate, the snide comments when you see me in public, the quiet whispers and all the good shit that goes along with it. I promise the next year’s gonna be bigger, better, hotter, and umm…doper. Yes, all that.
Until next time, follow me on Twitter, Instagram or don’t click those links and finger flick @Ant_SnL into your Twitter and @Ant_781 on Instagram. Good looking out,



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