Brand Spotlight: Miles High (Boston)

With the new gig over at, I’ve gotten an opportunity to link up with a lotta really creative and stylish folks. What’s doper than being around a gang of people with varying tastes, styles, attitudes, and they’re all chill as fuck? Exactly – not too much.

Aesthetically, I always thought there wasn’t gonna be too much differentiation between streetwear brands that have absolutely multiplied tenfold over the past few years, but I saw some shit that absolutely blew my mind when I think of that thin line between recycling an idea and being innovative.

Streetwear essentials – tees, hoodies, denim, sneakers. Check. These are the staples of what has been an industry cornered by brands like Diamond Supply, Crooks and Castles, commerically expanded like Obey, so on and so forth.  But what happens when companies that dabble in traditional streetwear decide they wanna step outside the box and do some crazy shit like use baby alpaca on a sweater?

Meet the dudes from Miles High, a Boston-born company that does tees, long sleeve joints, an ultra limited and dope design on a snapback AND crushes it with an amazingly designed and executed sweater. Limited run (obviously sold-out), but absolutely gorgeous. Peep below:

MH Alpaca

Sets the bar a little higher now, doesn’t it? Moving on from that, Miles High also produced some limited run snapbacks for the kids who have a higher mindset than most of the typical swag-obsessed characters running around nowadays. Sporting a simple, dope logo, the colorway is fresh and the fit is even better.

MH Snap

With it being chilly as fuck out in the mean streets of Boston, you’re gonna need to get layered up and these dudes got you covered, literally. They have both long and shortsleeve incarnations of their logo and design on a few different colors because, hey, variety is the spice of life. Not the type of colors that you’d expect as their bases, but they’re fresh:


Simplicity is always gonna reign supreme, but realize that paradigms shift when minds get weary of carbon copies and start their own dreams in fashion.


For additional information on the brand and to cop their work, check out

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