The Parity of Camo

Most people use camo as a means to blend in but I always use mine as a means to stand out. Camo’s a dope, outlandish way for you to stand out regardless of what you wearing, as long as you don’t wear like a dickhead. Camo’s always always a good look until you mix it with the Confederate flag T-shirt and look like you just came outta Alabama.

It’s a very stylish way of breaking up the same color scheme all the way throughout the fit. You never wanna be there, matching the hat to the shirt and sneakers that matched both for no reason. Looking like a wall with paint slung at it never works out in your favor, unless you’re dating a girl that does the same. In that case, you needa dump her ass with the quickness anyways.

It’s a well-known fact that certain colors just look better with camo – red, purple, mixtures of brown and black. When it comes to mixing and matching with camo, tonal hints of brown and tan and black and cream look excessively dope when paired correctly. Even different shades of greens are a good look. But, pattern mixing is a little bit tougher.

There’s something that can be said about someone who knows how to wear camo. I have cargo pants, cargo shorts, vests, and hats. Disclaimer – wearing any of these pieces together has the potential to look absolutely ridiculous. The key to wearing multiple camo pieces together is make sure they aren’t the same print. Example – digital camo looks crazy when paired with a forest print. Crazy to talk about subtly when you’re wearing something like camo, but wearing subtle hints of camo to breakup the color scheme? Genius and that ingenuity will be rewarded will glances and nods of acknowledgement.

Realistically, people wear camo in an ironic sense – there’s no real sense of fashion; it’s more for functionality or, in some cases, intimidation. How many times have you gone out and saw Johnny Backwoods in a NASCAR tee and camo jacket/pants? There isn’t a lotta wiggle room with the fuckery that camo brings. Either the fit’s dope or you look like you could be scoping deer from a couple hundred yards. The key is to own your style. Nothing wrong with that.









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