Chinatown (OV Stills)

Every so often, you gotta take a look at true grit and grime to get the full flavor of a culture. Peep the landscape, analyze the details, soak it all in and let it truly sink in.

I linked with booming Boston photographer OV Stills (the original One Vision…) to take a walk thru Chinatown and embrace the essence. From checking out the local markets, to narrowly avoiding getting locked into an alley by a kind, but oblivious elderly Chinese woman, to stopping traffic on Arlington and St.  James momentarily, my Tuesday was well spent catching moments (and glares) in one of the most authentic neighborhoods in Boston.


If you’re a fan of dope photography and have a love for the city, check my guy on Instagram (@ovstills) and peep his whole movement here.

– Ant.

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