March of Ant. 

I tried, as I usually do, to close out the month on a strong note. My follow thru leaves a bit to be desired, but my justification is as such – February was a day longer this year, so today would have been February 31st if the Gregorian calendar wasn’t bizarro.

Anyway – assorted looks to close out February…Ant style. Polo Sport, shredded denim, layers, and arrogance – that’s the all-inclusive set of details that make me what I am: unrepentant, unbiased, opinionated and unconcerned. Being dressed by the internet? Nah, muhfuckas have bills, responsibilities and vices that don’t include blowing $400 on a tee or $1200 on denim and sneakers. Know why? Because stunting for the net and not posting your collections notices is fronting, b. We don’t do that shit out here.

When I say “we”, I mean “I”, but that’d just make me sound self-centric.




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