The Getaway: Miami

Sometimes you just needa get away and refresh yourself. A change of scenery, some sun, a different perspective – all of these are essentials folks like me who have to break the monotony of a salary office job that confines you to four solid, cold walls, devoid of the sun’s rays. 

So it was settled, office life became “off to Florida” life. Despite not having been on a plane since two weeks prior to 9/11, I was ready to be outta this state and see what the south had to offer my girl and I. We hit most of the coast – West Palm Beach, South Beach, Biscayne Bay, and spent a little time north in Palm Bay/Melbourne, but what I needed was, ironically, more walls. 

(Probably already TL;DR, so check out Wynwood Walls – very dope. Now see my trip below)


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